Training for Heelwork to Music and Freestyle

Training for Heelwork to Music should be enjoyable for both handler and dog.

Paws N Music supports the use of positive training methods, using toys or treats as rewards. This includes the use of Clicker Training or Lure and Reward techniques. All the moves that you use in the ring are based on things that your dog does naturally. Dogs walk backwards, spin and step sideways in their daily lives. Training just means that these movements are done on cue, just the way you want them or developed into a pose or advanced move. See the Training Tips page for some moves to get you started.

Some moves may be more difficult for certain breeds of dog, or for individuals of any breed. Make sure that your dog is comfortable with what you are asking it to do. Because there are no compulsory moves, there is no need to do anything that you or your dog are not happy with. You can build your routine to suit the things that you and your dog enjoy and do best.

You will find information here on the site about the Paws N Music Progress Awards and the Move Development scheme. Both of these offer ways to develop your skills in a non-competitive way.