Progress Awards are designed to encourage a strong foundation of handling, choreography and training across the Divisions. The assessment process will encourage a high quality of progress through the levels without prejudice to any breed or type of dog and handler. In accordance with the current Kennel Club Regulations, dogs must be over 12 months of age to enter Division A (Musical Dressage) and Division B (Heelwork to Music) and over 18 months of age to enter Division C (Freestyle) and Division D (Dances with Dogs).

Progress Awards are held in a non-competitive atmosphere where the emphasis is on personal achievement.

There are four Divisions to aim for, each with its own particular goal:-

Division A is Musical Dressage where the dog will reflect the timing of the music with a balanced, continuous, rhythmic movement.

Division B is a mixture of rhythmic Heelwork and some Freestyle moves.

Division C is all Freestyle moves, some of which will be at a distance from the handler.

Division D is Dances With Dogs where the handler will demonstrate three separate footwork rhythms while moving with the dog, sometimes in a synchronised way.

Each Division carries an achievement score of Pass, Merit or Distinction with rosettes and certificates awarded to the successful entrants. All dogs start at Level 1. You need to achieve at least a Merit before moving on to Level 2, but if you want to repeat Level 1 to get a Distinction, you can do so.

Each Division is separate, so you can be working at Level 2 in Freestyle, but Level 1 in Heelwork to Music. You can enter just one Division or all four, the choice is entirely yours.

As an added bonus, Paws n Music will also award badges to those who gain Merit or Distinction in all four Divisions with the same dog.

The assessment test is not a competition, there is no audience, there are no costume requirements, just you and your dog working towards a personal goal in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The Assessors aim to both assess your progress and give you some encouragement and idea of where you might seek to improve. These are a great way to get ready for the official competitions!

You can read full details of what is required for the Level 1 tests here:-

Level 1 Tests


Tests are held up and down the country on a regular basis. Future dates and venues for tests are in our newsletter and on this website. Join Paws n Music Association now and start working towards a Progress Awards achievement.

Please note that the £5.50 cost covers administration, your Rosette and Certificate. Organisers usually also make a charge to cover the cost of the venue. This varies for each award, so please check this when booking. This will be an additional cost for each entry, and will depend on the total number of entries on the day.

PA Entry Forms are included with your Newsletter, or you can download from here:-

 Progress Test Entry Form 

Progress Awards Routine Template (handed in on the day)

Element Modification Form


You can also submit your entry on Youtube or DVD. Full details can be found here:-

Guidance on DVD/YouTube Progress Tests 

 DVD and YouTube Entry Form

And some information on Organising a Progress Awards Event is here:-

Organising a Progress Award Event

Awards you are working for 

How progress awards are assessed