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Dog of the Year 2023 – Official Photographs

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Dog of the Year 2023 – Trophies and Rossettes

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Dog of the Year 2023 – The Winners!

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Dog of the Year 2023 Finals 

This On the 20th January the following teams have been invited to compete in the Dog of the Year Finals at Forest Oak Farm, Purlieu, Lydney, Glos GL15 4LN

This is following an open application process where anyone could submit their points gained throughout the year to see if they were in the top five placed through the year at each level. The top five teams to apply at each level were invited to compete in the finals.

Here is a list of the finalists – Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!

Dog of the Year 2023

This year Paws n Music Association and Canine Freestyle GB collaborated to host the first ever Dog of the Year Competition. This came about following discussions with the community on what might be done to make the Crufts Semi-finals more appealing and representative of the whole community…blah blah . 


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Qualifying for Dog Of the Year 

How and Where?

CHANGE THIS TO DOTY DETAILS Only Dog and Handler teams competing at advanced level with their dog in HTM or Freestyle are eligible for Crufts Qualification in those divisions.  To qualify they must enter one of the qualification classes which are held at Premier Shows around the country during the year by Kennel Club registered societies. The top two placed teams of the advanced qualification class at a premier show will be formally offered a qualifier by the Crufts HTM chief Steward, on behalf of the Kennel Club. This must be accepted for the qualifier to be confirmed. If one of those teams has already gained a qualifier, it will be offered to the next person down in the placing in that class that has not yet qualified. 


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Open to ALL members

absolute beginners
to advanced handlers

Progress Awards are designed to encourage a strong foundation of handling, choreography and training across the four Divisions.

The assessment process will encourage a high quality of progress through the levels without prejudice to any breed, type of dog or handler. The Awards are held in a non-competitive atmosphere where the emphasis is on personal achievement.

All divisions have required set elements at each level, containing moves, which must be completed within the specified time to gain Awards. These compulsory elements may be performed in any order but all must be included, completed and not split. Additional moves, other than transitions between elements, are not required.