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Without the hard work of the volunteer Committee these events would simply not happen. If you would like to get involved, supporting social media/web editing, assisting with development schemes and activities, secretarial odd jobs or just helping at shows, every pair of hands is always welcome.

Carole Dodson

Chairman. Manager for Competitions, chaser and rallier of committee members. email

Lorna Hayes

Treasurer. Keeps the purse strings, chases for expenses receipts email

Tessa Easton

Association Secretary, appoints Judges, prepares show schedules, deals with KC. email

Ann Smart

Treasurer. Keeps the purse strings, chases for expenses receipts. email

Ali Buck

Membership. Seeks new members, chases for annual subs. Assists with social Media email

Jodie Harvey

Progress Awards, Excellence Certificates & Lifetime Awards email

Michelle Dodson

Does all the jobs no one else picks up, Website and Social Media email

Ali Wilde

Collates and logs show entries and scores. Annual Awards and Trophies Co-ordinator. 

Emma Reynolds

General Committee Support (Joins Michelle on the ‘Everything Else Gang;)

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If you can’t attend a show you can still pick up the results and pics on the day in the Members Facebook Group – no more Feeling Of Missing Out!

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