Inter Regional

The Paws n Music Association held its first Heelwork to Music Inter Regional Competition (IRC) in 2011 and was last held in 2019.

The aim of the IRC is for each team to compete for the Top Regional Title, by entering all the available classes – Starters, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced, in the four divisions of Heelwork, Freestyle, Musical Dressage and Dances with Dogs. Each divisional team consists of no more than 1 starter, 1 novice, 1 intermediate and 1 advanced dog and handler team. Rosette awards are also presented for the Top Divisional Teams and Individual Class Winners. The ultimate aim is to encourage a strong team spirit of support and camaraderie.

The teams are formed from 7 regions: South, East, West, Midlands, North, Wales and Scotland. Each team has a Team Manager who is responsible for selecting their region’s team and also overseeing any fundraising for their entry fees and other costs incurred for the team to attend the event. The Team Managers are selected, for each region, by the Paws n Music Association Committee.

All routines in each Division are judged according to KC rules and by experienced and qualified judges.

The competition proved a massive success and was a great fun-day for all involved. Any future Inter-regional competitions will be announced well in advanced. Anyone interested in taking part in the Inter Regional Competition should apply, using the official application form, to his or her Regional Team Manager. 

Further details on the rules of the competition and rules regarding eligibility to apply are published in the Schedule available on the PnM website at least 4 months prior to the event. If you are unsure who is managing you region, or you have a more general enquiry about this event, which is not answered by reading the published Schedule, please contact the PnM IRC Coordinator or email.

Next PnM Event

May 25 & 26 2024

Dog Sports Derby,
Hatton, South Derbyshire