Rules for KC competitions

For all licensed KC competitions. Premier events where Qualifiers are held and non-premier events.


Paws n Music Association is a Kennel Registered Club.

Progress Awards Scheme

Encouraging a strong foundation of handling, choreography and training across all Divisions where the emphasis is on personal achievement.

Move Development Scheme

The scheme provides opportunities for people to gain credit for the training they do with their dog(s) on a continuous basis. It is highly flexible and can be used at a local level to motivate, maintain interest, recognise progression, encourage involvement, develop skills and prepare for higher level work.

Move Development Scheme Record Sheet



Open to ALL members
Starters to Advanced

For wins at PnM Shows

and non PnM events where the additional divisions of Musical Dressage and Dances with Dogs are hosted. 


Two FIRST places, each in a different Division: Heelwork, Freestyle,  Dressage or Dances you are eligible for a

Bronze award

A further FIRST place in a third Division, you earn a

Silver award

FIRST last of the 4 divisions you are eligible for the

Gold award

Only one win is needed in each Division and scores must be 18.0 or above. These awards can be accumulated over the life time of a dog.

To obtain an application form and apply for these attractive rosette awards download this form and email a copy to with the following information:

Handler name, address, email address, Dog’s KC name and pet name, breed of dog,  the award for which you are applying, a list of relevant wins: the Division and class level, name of show and date .

Awards are presented annually at the PnM May Show.