Premier & Open Competitions ~ Progress awards 


Premier Competitions

Progress Awards

for PnM Members all divisions

Jan 2022: Evolution Dog Training, Wigan

Gill Harrison and Robbie – L1FS – Distinction

Gill Harrison and Harvey – L3FS – Distinction and Beige Badge

Amanda Seddon and Pinto – L1HTM – Merit

Lisa Mappin and Heath – L2HTM – Distinction

Assessed by Angela Briggs

VIDEO RESULTS: 11 Dec 2021: Hounsdown

Donna Wallington and Fred  Div B  Level 2  Merit

Jo Preston and Ashe  Div B  Level 2  Distinction

Belinda Pickering and Ozzie   Div A  Level 2  Merit

Assessor: Louise Ince

VIDEO RESULTS: Oct & Nov 2021: Hounsdown

Jan Debnam and Ross L3 Dances with Dogs and L3 Musical Dressage, achieving Distinction in both, plus two gold badges, two beige badges, a Gold Certificate and a place on the Roll of Honour for Distinctions in all four divisions at all three levels.

Belinda Pickering and Ozzie L2 Freestyle Distinction, L2 Musical Dressage Merit

Tracy Cottrell and Jazmine L2 Freestyle Distinction and a gold medal.

Eileen Randall and Daisy L1 Heelwork to Music Pass

Nov 2020: Evolution Dog Training, Wigan


B1: Lisa Mappin and Heath;
B1: Gill Harrison and Ralph
C1: Lisa Mappin and Pye
C1: Lisa Mappin and Bran
C1: Gill Harrison and Ralph
C1: Amanda Seddon and Pinto
C2: Gill Harrison and Harvey